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Life is about change. Your hobbies and interests change. Your goals change. So, why would you not change your lifestyle to better fit what you want to do now? If you find you’d rather use the time you spend repairing, maintaining and coordinating work around your house to do something else, it might be time to consider moving to an upscale retirement community like University Village.

Questions to Consider

Want to stop mowing the lawn every week?

You’ve probably realized that mowing the grass somehow always needs to be done. Luckily, our maintenance-free residences are truly maintenance-free. If you’re ready to turn that chore over to someone else, our professional grounds crew will make sure all the grass, flower beds, bushes, trees and walking paths are well-manicured and looking great.

Would you like to cook less?

Our residences come with a full kitchen, so you can cook whenever you want. However, for those times you’d rather leave the menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking and (most importantly) the cleanup to someone else, enjoy a meal prepared by our talented culinary team at our restaurant-style dining venue.

Tired of waiting for the plumber, electrician or appliance repair tech to show up?

You’ve probably already experienced how challenging it can be to get anything repaired around the house. First, you need to know who to call and who will be dependable. Our maintenance team can handle all your repairs, leaving you free to spend the day your way, and there’s no additional charges to you.

Ready to stop cleaning the hard-to-reach places?

Let’s face it, cleaning requires a lot of bending and reaching. Our weekly housekeeping will keep your home looking neat and tidy as staff tends to all the areas of your home you might find difficult to maintain.

Do you want to travel more?

When you leave home for any extended period, do you worry about something happening to  it? Or do you have to make arrangements for your mail to be collected? While living at University Village, you can travel across the country or around the world knowing we’ll look after everything while you’re away.

Would you like to learn a new hobby or make time for an old one?

Setting up a dedicated place to pursue a new or existing hobby can be a lot of work. Plus, if you want to learn something new, who will teach you? We feature a dedicated woodworking shop and arts and crafts room where you can take a class or work on your own.

Wish it was easier to expand your social circle?

As your neighborhood changes and people move away, it can be a challenge to make new friends. University Village offers an entire campus of friendly neighbors and a robust calendar of social activities and clubs where you’re sure to find someone who shares your interests.

Wish you could still attend university lectures or classes?

Lifelong learning is an important part of staying engaged. Here, you can learn a foreign language or attend an educational lecture, and more.

Want to deal with the hassles of traffic less?

Having a car can be very convenient for errands and doctor appointments. However, dealing with car payments, insurance, parking and traffic can be more hassle than it’s worth. While you can always keep your car, we also offer scheduled transportation for shopping and other appointments.


If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, it may be time to seriously consider an upscale retirement community.

Discover a Lifestyle That Grows with You

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