Now that you’ve retired from your career, where do you want to be? Many inventors, professors and lifelong learners settled on University Village Thousand Oaks. But why do innovative minds, seasoned academics, and devoted students of life retire here? The answer lies in a unique environment designed to inspire and engage – long after the need for textbooks.

Here are four reasons why those who have spent a lifetime driven by curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge chose University Village Thousand Oaks.


1. Put yourself in a place to “learn something new every day.”

Senior living doesn’t dim the desire for new knowledge. In fact, at University Village Thousand Oaks, it’s quite the opposite. The monthly calendar boasts a list of nearly a hundred classes, activities, lectures and clubs that cater to a spectrum of interests. Imagine learning a new language, brushing up on the arts or gaining woodworking skills. It’s a haven for those who wish to keep their minds and social circles active and varied.


2. Discover more opportunities nearby.

Just down the road, California Lutheran University serves as an extension to residents’ academic playground. Residents explore different topics at community lectures, attend campus events and watch theater or musical performances.

Beyond academics, many residents find fulfillment in sharing their knowledge and experiences by volunteering at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum just five miles away.


3. Meet fascinating neighbors.

What better way to continue the quest for knowledge than to be surrounded by accomplished people with fascinating stories and life histories? At University Village, each resident brings their own unique experiences and expertise, making every chat over coffee a chance to discuss literature, current events, quantum physics or technology.

One example is University Village resident Eddy Goldfarb, a 102-year-old renowned toy inventor. He holds nearly 300 patents and has invented more than 800 toys, including the novelty icon, Yakity-Yak Talking Teeth. Watch PBS SoCal’s fascinating documentary on Eddy for a glimpse into his mind.


4. Live with purpose – not with hassles.

Aside from the intellectual opportunities, residents find solace in the worry-free lifestyle that comes with retirement living at University Village. Here, we take care of the home and yard maintenance, which gives residents more time to pursue their hobbies and focus on what matters: their passions, interests and relationships.


Continue your journey at University Village.

University Village Thousand Oaks offers an environment where the pursuit of knowledge, the joy of discovery and the beauty of human connection are celebrated daily. Residents continue to learn at lectures, have engaging conversations with their neighbors and enjoy resort-like amenities when it’s time to relax.

Best of all, they live each day with the peace of mind that comes with a Life Plan Community; residents have priority access to the adjacent health center for assisted living, memory care and long-term care in a skilled nursing center, if ever needed.

To learn more about the lifestyle that promotes lifelong learning for seniors, get in touch to schedule a tour or RSVP for our next event.