By Paulette Markel

We all live in a unique community where there should be open communication between the residents, management and the Resident Council. Your suggestions, concerns and comments provide opportunities for improvement. There will soon be a form distributed to each resident in their box in the mail room. Please fill out the form with your suggestions, concerns and comments. There will be a box at reception to collect the forms. The goal is to provide you with answers to your suggestions, concerns and comments.

You must sign the form so Resident Council members can contact you with answers. Your name will not be used when distributing the information to Dmitry Estrin. The following are the departments that will provide answers to your suggestions: Activities, Accounting, Environmental Services, Executive Director, Food and Beverage, IT Department, Oakview, Plant Operations-Buildings, Plant Operations-Gardening, Resident Council, Resident Services, Safety and Security, and Transportation.

The forms will be distributed on July 1st.
The deadline to collect the forms is on July 31st.

Once we collect the information, it will be categorized according to subject matter. We will not be sending individual forms to management with any names on them. Dmitry will distribute the information to the department directors and they will have one month to respond with a suitable answer. If there is no solution, we will ask that they provide the reason. Once the information comes back, a Resident Council member will call each individual who submitted a form to provide feedback on each suggestion, concern and comment. There will be a final report provided and placed on the portal and in the library. Please take this opportunity to provide management and the Resident Council your ideas and input to make this community the best it can be.