By Bonnie Baas

Don’t Throw it Away!!!

Hi All,

So the doctor tells me, “Lose that extra weight.” OK. I am now officially on health food.

My first morning is a fruit combo I am blending in a sippy cup. I put in melon, strawberries, yogurt, bananas and any other scraps I can find.

NOW comes the unsweetened cranberry juice. I dig out my antique Cuisinart smart stick and push the button.

In 3 seconds, I have decorated my entire kitchen, top to bottom, with cranberry dots. White cabinets, counter tops, stove and floor. All look like Jackson Pollack just whizzed through on a unicycle with a windmill soaked in cranberry juice in his hand.

I admit I took a little time to admire the art, but then, I reached under the sink for my heavy tennis sock that I keep for emergencies. With just a little dish soap and some warm water, I put it on my hand like a glove and cleaned it everywhere in about 4 minutes without adding more water to the sock. The heaviness of the sock made it absorb easily.

Keep at least ONE athletic sock under your sink when you throw out the other one.